4 things you shouldn’t forget on a trip

4 things you shouldn't forget on a tripWhen you’re planning a trip, there are loads of things to consider. You keep stressing about certain things and rushing around trying to sort everything out. As a result, some important things could slip through the cracks. To make sure this doesn’t happen, we’ve got four things you mustn’t forget when going on a trip:

Baggage Allowance

Baggage allowance is something that always catches people out. It’s one of those things you tend to forget about until the last minute. When you’re flying, you may have certain restrictions on your luggage. Most airlines will charge you to put bags in the hold. The price can vary depending on who you’re flying with. To save money, you should try and pack all your clothes in your cabin luggage. This is normally free, so you won’t have to pay extra. But, make sure your bag isn’t too big and that you don’t have restricted items. If you do have hold luggage, ensure you don’t go overweight. If you exceed the airline’s weight restrictions, they’ll charge you extra.


No matter what type of trip you’re going on, you need some way of getting around. You’ll usually find some options available to you. Some people will opt for the cheapest option; using public transport. Yes, it’s cheap, but it may not be reliable and can be hard to learn how to use foreign public transport. Another option is renting a car. Car rentals are popular because they give you complete control over where you go and when you go. And, as you can see on www.itsmytrip.com, it’s easy to rent a car for a few days. Your final option is to hire a personal driver – someone who will take you around wherever you need to go. This is the most costly option, but also the most stress-free. Make sure you choose your transport option before you go on your trip.


Naturally, you can’t go on a trip without thinking about accommodation! If you forget about this, you’ll have nowhere to stay. Make sure you get this sorted as soon as possible. The earlier you book, the better. Some hotels will do deals with airlines so you can get a package deal, meaning it works out cheaper. The type of accommodation you’re looking for will depend on the type of trip you’re taking. For example, if you’re going on a spa vacation, you’ll want to stay somewhere that has a good spa in the hotel! If you’re interested, you can check out the best places for a spa vacation here.


If you’re travelling abroad, you’ll need to bring your passport with you. You can’t fly to a different country without one! But, if you’re travelling to a different city in the same country, you may only need photo identification. Either way, you can’t fly without some form of ID. So, don’t forget it when going on a trip!

Follow these tips and your next trip will be a breeze. Forget about all the pre-trip stressing out, you’ll have everything under control!


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