A River Run’s Through it . . . Bikes, Balloons and the Boise River!

A River Run’s Through it . . . Bikes, Balloons and the Boise River!

04/09/2012 0 By Gayle Dickson

In the winter the folk who live in Boise can sometimes experience 15c weather downtown so you’ll find many families still camp and fish southwest of town in the Snake River Canyon. Yet only 30km away their local 2,188m high local ski resort, Bogus Basin is all powder action. Boise residents and visitors it seems, have everything right at their fingertips!

The truth is over 4,800km of rivers supply Idaho canoeists, kayakers, rafters and fishermen with an endless supply of wet terrain, more than any other state in the lower 48 states. The Boise River lined with aspens and cottonwoods also cuts through town like a major artery, perfect for floating or fishing it in summer. If you enjoy hiking or biking there is a 40km ‘greenbelt’ pathway that also follows the river’s course. Add another 136kms of trails and pathways in the Boise foothills and the 22 public golf courses and you have an outdoor enthusiasts dream city!

On the weekend I was there the annual Boise Balloon Festival had 35 hot-air balloons filling the morning sky over the city too. Like the city itself, it is a sight to behold. Go to: www.welcometoboise.com or www.visitidaho.org

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