A Walk on the Wild Side – Bonorong Wilderness Sanctuary

28/05/2012 0 By Shane Boocock

A Walk on the Wild Side - Bonorong Wilderness Sanctuary

Where else can you get up close and personal with wildlife – no, not in a zoo – but at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary where it’s all about touchy close encounters with the wild side of life. Bonorong (an Aboriginal word meaning native companion) is a little 17 acre, privately owned sanctuary that helps rescue more than 4000 orphaned and injured animals a year (Tasmania’s only 24 hour rescue service) to recuperate and in some cases assist in reintroducing animals back into the wilds. During my visit I had chance to hold a wombat, pet a cheeky koala, feed dozens of hungry kangaroos and play with a Tasmanian Devil who really was a bit of a devil. There are snakes, a variety of birds, quolls, echidnas, possums, lizards and a hoard of Tasmanian Devils thriving in their new environment. Whether it’s fluffy, furry or covered in feathers you’ll find it somewhere in this very special place.

The general admission price to the park for individuals is $22 per adult and $9 per child (4-15yrs). This includes complimentary kangaroo food to feed their large mob of free roaming kangaroos and a 45 minute public tour at 11.30am and 2pm daily. There are also three premium exclusive tours with different pricing structures: Personal Night Tour, Feeding Frenzy and the Wildlife Refuge Experience which is specially designed for ‘wildlife geeks.’ www.bonorong.com.au