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From its famed Autostradas linking major cities, to picturesque village, alpine, lake and coastal by-ways, Italy offers some of the best self-drive holidaying opportunities in Europe – the more so with rental car leader, Auto Europe currently offering vehicles from just $35 a day for 7-day rentals of vehicles picking up in 14 days’ time.

With everything from economic little Fiat 500s to convertibles, station wagons, SUVs, 9-seater people-movers, premium and luxury sedans, Auto Europe has vehicles that will put you right where you want to be – not flying over the picturesque countryside at 30,000ft, or flashing by its most-spectacular best at 200kph on rail.

And with four major vehicle collection points as part of their deal – Rome, Florence, Milan and Pisa, and a near 40 others across the country – Auto Europe will start you amid the finest of Italy’s famed centres of arts, history, culture, fashion and cuisine, while allowing you to travel at your own pace to select your own regional destinations, and to immerse yourself in the lifestyles of mountain retreats, quiet lake communities, flamboyant beaches and coastal towns, and by contrast the excitement of major cities.
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It also features details of Auto Europe’s free downloadable Italy Driving Guide that’s full of essential local driving tips and key driving facts, and valuable touring ideas to help you can create your own Italy Tour, including through such iconic regions as Tuscany, Umbria, the Amalfi Coast, and Adriatic beaches.



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