Baileys Ice Cream Pralines

Baileys Ice Cream PralinesIngredients
2 egg yolks
65g sugar
150ml whipping cream
150ml Baileys Original Irish Cream
125g ready-made ganache (either dark, milk or white chocolate, according to taste)
Small bar of chocolate


– Beat yolks and sugar together until creamy
– Heat cream and Baileys together, then slowly pour into the yolk egg mixture while stirring vigorously
– Heat the egg mixture carefully while stirring constantly until it thickens, but do not boil
– Pour the mixture into a metal dish and cool in cold water, stirring occasionally
– Place the mixture into an ice cream machine and freeze (if you don’t have one, place the mixture in the freezer and whisk vigorously once every 10 minutes)
– Once frozen, scoop out balls using an ice cream scoop, place on a plate and freeze for another hour
– In the meantime, melt the ganache over a bain marie (a metal bowl suspended over a pot of hot water – the bottom of the bowl not touching the water)
– Dip the ice cream balls into the ganache using a dessert fork or pour it over using a spoon
– Place the balls back on a plate in the freezer
– Once re-hardened, melt chocolate and drizzle in heart shapes over the pralines
– Keep in the freezer until serving

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