Bucket List Wish: Northern Lights Cruise


Northern lights in Tromso in Northern Norway

I have been planning my bucket list for a while now. Not in a morbid way, but more to give myself goals to work towards and inspire new and exciting travel options for myself and my family. One of the main things I want to do is to take an arctic circle cruise and go on a thrilling hunt for the Northern lights. I’m not a huge fan of the cold, so I love the idea of seeing everything from the comfort of a warm and luxurious cruise ship. If you are planning something similar, here are a few top tips on what to take and how to plan your adventure.

Where to start: Do your research. A reputable site like Cruise1st is a good place to find some initial info. You should look for some deals at reasonable prices and think about how much you can afford to budget for your trip before you get too carried away. Can you afford to go down the luxury cruise route or will you stick to simple, budget-friendly cabins and basic travel? If you can afford to, I would recommend going for the luxury option. This is probably the kind of trip that you’ll only take once, and it really is the trip of a lifetime in my eyes. You’ll want to make the most of every opportunity to relax and enjoy the ride. Keep things running as smoothly and as simply as possible and you’ll be able to well and truly leave your troubles at home.

What to pack? You’ll want to pack lightly. Cabins aren’t going to have masses of space for you to bring your entire wardrobe. Think about the types of clothing and accessories you’ll really need and pack only the essentials. A few evening dresses for meals on board and some comfortable and warm clothing would be a pretty safe bet. You won’t need to bring too many pairs of heels, instead opt for some sensible flats. One pair of evening dinner heels would be ample here. Don’t forget to bring some activities such as a tablet or a portable DVD player in case you want to huddle up in your cabin for a while. There should be plenty to do onboard though.You will also need a camera to capture those all important Northern lights displays!

by Becky Bowden


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