I was lucky enough to be at this iconic venue in Downtown Disney on Halloween night last year. The whole bar (except for me) was dressed up in their Halloween garb and the placed rocked till well into the wee hours. Despite my obvious dulcet towns when belting out a rendering of Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash, I declined the invitation to sing Karoake that night. There was a queue of people putting their names down though. Some wanted to go a 2nd time…but because of the sheer numbers…they couldn’t. And, let me tell you this, some of the singing was jaw-dropping. Move over Ben Lummis (who?) and Miley Cyrus these people could belt out a tune and would easily make the finals of any of the “Idol” franchises around the globe. I guess there really are a lot of talented people in LA who just don’t make it. This is a bar I could go back to again and again if I was living in the area. The music, the food, the staff – all combine for one hellishly fantastic night out. Check out their Concert Calendar for upcoming events and bands. The food at The House of Blues is exquisite. In traditional American style though, the portions are huge, so if you’re heading there for dinner and an evening of fun and great music you might like to have a small lunch. It was enough for me to order 2 or 3 appetisers to keep me going most of time. You must try their Voodoo Shrimp, the Pulled Pork Sliders and their Lobster Mac & Cheese…sublime. Also, in true American style, are their Happy “Hours”. Get this…Monday to Friday 2pm till 5pm THEN also 7 nights a week…10pm till closing. Now, if that doesn’t say, “Come on in and have a good time” I’m not sure what does. The Gospel Brunch, if that is your kind of thing, is worth a look at. It is held in a separate room on the ground floor and there is an entry fee. Styled along the lines of a traditional gospel church session, you will definitely want to jump to your feet and start clapping and singing along. Performances include both traditional and contemporary Gospel songs, plus an amazing all-you-can-eat buffet. Complementing all of this are the Gift Shop and the Beer Garden on the Terrace. The Gift Shop has an array of appropriate memorabilia for purchasing and what better way to wind down the day than a quiet beer (or three) on the terrace. You can sit back, relax, and watch the Disney fireworks or the chaos of families heading to and from Disneyland from an elevated position.