Re-Opening of Sinalei

Re-Opening of Sinalei

“It would be fair to observe that life seems to be defined by moments; some of which are intended and some of which are not. Some provide a source of inspiration while others serve as a breeding ground for doubt and despair. Sometimes moments are fleeting and occasionally they are more enduring. Some moments demand the popping of champagne corks while others require a more discrete and sombre commemoration. Sinalei’s journey to date has been no different – it has included a full range of emotion-laden moments.” – Jo Annandale, Owner – Sinalei.??

The Reopening of Sinalei Reef Resort & Spa, Samoa, on 1 April 2010 was an exciting yet sombre day for the Annandale Family. Tuatagaloa Joe Annandale, owner of Sinalei, reopened the Resort with an emotional speech dedicated to the dream of the Resort, and his late wife Tui Annandale, who he tragically lost in the September 2009 tsunami.

“Sinalei….served its clientele unfailingly until Samoa was hit by the painful, but nonetheless real, moments of destruction and tragedy that overpowered us in September 2009. We were obviously affected. In a moment Tui was gone and the resort extensively damaged.”

The Resort has reopened with a soft opening for the month of April and is set to be fully operational taking its stance as Samoa’s premier Resort from 1 May onwards. The Over Water Ava I Toga Bar and Restaurant has been rebuilt along with the famous pier. All Ocean View Fales have been repaired, Beachside Fales have been rebuilt and are now fully air conditioned offering guests the absolute luxury in beach front accommodation. The Presidential Suite has been reconstructed and fitted out with all new furnishings and fit outs, awaiting the arrival of the worlds’ most exclusive guests.

“But the miracle of us being here today to re-launch Sinalei would not have come about without creativity and flair, endeavour and commitment, generosity, support and focus. To have gone from where we were in late September 2009 to where we are today has been a special miracle, an achievement, for which many individuals, community groups, organisations and our government require special votes of thanks. The many volunteers from overseas who helped in a multitude of different ways has overwhelmed.”

The Sinalei Spa has been relocated to a beach front position and boasts the most remarkable view. All the other stunning aspects of Sinalei are coming back to life and the guests currently in house are in awe of how far it has come since the devastating blow of the tsunami.

“Today’s moment is one of celebration. We celebrate today Sinalei’s re-emergence as a boutique resort. We celebrate Tui’s contribution and commemorate her life. We celebrate the coordinated and combined effort that has got us back to this point. And we also celebrate renewed beginnings, new challenges and new opportunities.”

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