How to Add a Little Luxury to Any Trip

How to Add a Little Luxury to Any TripHow to add a little luxury to any trip!

We all wish we could hire a private island for the week and have the holiday of our dreams. A luxurious vacation seems like something reserved solely for the rich and famous. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can add a little something special to your trip away, even on a tight budget. Here are our top tips for adding a little luxury to your next getaway.

Ask for Upgrades

They say if you don’t ask then you don’t get. This is definitely the case when it comes to certain holiday companies. If you’re going away for a special reason then let your hotel or airline know. They may just upgrade you for free, because you asked so nicely! If you feel uncomfortable asking on the phone or in person, then drop them an email. If airlines have a lot of space available in business class, they may offer you a really discounted rate for upgrades. If a hotel hasn’t sold out of penthouse apartments, then the same may apply. Don’t be afraid, just ask!

Be Clever with Currency

If you want to make your spending money go further, keep an eye on those currency rates. During this time of year, they tend to fluctuate quite a lot. By keeping your eyes peeled, you may end up getting a really good deal on your foreign exchange. Try to keep away from companies offering 0% commission on currency purchases. While this may sound like a good deal, their exchange rates are nowhere near as good. If you’re smart with your currency conversion, you’ll have a little bit extra to spend while you’re abroad.

How to Add a Little Luxury to Any TripLittle Treats

If you’ve cut down costs on hotels and flights, use the extra money for little treats on your vacation. This could be an evening of fine dining somewhere normally out of your price range. It could be a relaxing spa day with your partner. Invest in some classy transfers to and from the airport. Perhaps in a limo or private taxi, as opposed to a coach or bus. There are loads of ways you can add a few little treats to your holiday. Just be smart about saving costs in other areas, and you can live like a VIP while you’re away.

DIY Luxury

There are plenty of ways to add some do-it-yourself luxuries to your trip. Head to a local supermarket and stock up on fine foods and wine. You can now make a posh picnic to take to the beach. Bring along some luxury toiletries and have a pampering evening in the hotel room. Make your own travel cushion and use it for that business class experience on your flight. These ideas will save you plenty of money, while also making you feel like a celebrity on your trip.

Who said that luxury holidays were reserved solely for the rich and famous? These little tips will make you feel like a VIP, without needing to remortgage the house. Cut down on some areas to ensure you can splurge on others. Here’s to having the holiday of your dreams! Even if there is no private island involved.


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