From Airport to Ski Resort – quickly!

From Airport to Ski Resort - quicklyGetting from the airport to the ski resort needn’t be a nightmare!

A skiing holiday should be on everyone’s bucket list. Although it might not sound as glamorous as visiting Christ the Redeemer in Rio, it is pretty special. A skiing holiday is one that you will not forget in a hurry for all the right reasons, and for some wrong ones, too. Okay, some parts of the holiday are very testing, like getting from the airport to the resort. If you get it wrong, you could spend hours commuting in a van. No one wants to go through that experience, so here’s what you need to do is shorten the travel time.

Fly As Close To The Mountain As Possible

That doesn’t mean that you should get too close when you are flying over the peak. I’m no pilot, but I’m pretty sure that is dangerous! It means you need to land as close to the mountain as possible, in the nearest city or town. For a lot of people, that is blindingly obvious. Still, there are some people who like to cut costs and buy cheaper airline tickets. These airlines fly to cities that are less in demand, which makes them cheaper. When it comes to travelling, it only increases the amount of time you waste climbing the mountain.

Research Every Option
Don’t just assume that an airport shuttle bus is the best way to get from A to B. Okay, it might be the most conventional way, but that doesn’t mean it is the quickest or the easiest. Most ski resorts have aerial tramways that go from one part of the mountain to the other. Although they travel slower than cars, they travel in straight lines and cut out big sections of the mountain. You never know how you can get there until you have a look.

From Airport to Ski Resort - quicklyHire Quality Transport Services

The people that pick you up from the airport are the ones that dictate how quickly you will move from the airport to the resort. So, it stands to reason that a poor quality service will only add to your waiting and commuting time. The best services are there when you land, waiting for you, and know the best routes up and down the mountain. Take the Vail airport shuttle in Colorado. It is well known for being incredibly efficient and effective at transporting skiers from Denver to the Vail Valley. Look out for companies with a stellar reputation and who also have a great track record.


If you are getting a lift from the airport, it is important to stay in constant touch. They might know when you are due to land, but things can change. When flights get delayed or rearranged, you need to pass on the information. Then, they can arrive at the rescheduled time and you don’t have to wait around at the airport for hours. A high level of communication is the best way to make sure everything runs smoothly and according to plan.

The next time you go skiing, you will be on the slopes in no time!


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