Ed: April/May 2012

Wow, here we are wearing warmer gear and starting to think about snow sports, yet Summer rarely showed her face. I guess it’s one of the few “cons” we have to endure living this close to the South Pole.

Mind you, the cooler summer didn’t stop many of my friends from enjoying their usual traipsing around our beautiful country. In fact, some said the cooler temperatures made activities such as the cycle trails more pleasant.

With Autumn now firmly entrenched, we’re starting to dust off the skis and snow boards that were stored in the attic, checking where those snow chains are stored and heading out on shopping sprees to deck ourselves out in the latest ski gear. Winter Festival in Queenstown isn’t far off and, judging by the swelling number of visitors over the past few years, I’d suggest you get in fast if you haven’t yet booked your accommodation down that way. The same applies for those heading to the Whakapapa ski fields. Each year it’s getting busier and busier!

For those who figure they’ve had just about enough of the cold climates, why not check out the last minute fares to Europe. You may well be able to snag a Mediterranean cruise, spend a few nights in romantic Paris, or just hang around London and take in the Olympic action.

And let’s not forget that, as much as we have a proximity to the icy weather that flows from the Earth’s nether regions, we’re blessed with the more immediate proximity of the lushness and warmth of our Pacific Island neighbours. Within a few hours you could be swimming with the turtles in Samoa, quaffing down a Pina Colada in Fiji, snorkelling in the lagoons of Rarotonga or, as I will very soon be, enjoying a little taste of France in New Caledonia. Of course, let’s not forget Australia either, where the northern half of the country doesn’t suffer cold – merely wet or dry…and when it’s that hot, sometimes the wet is bliss, unlike the persistent drizzle of Auckland!

Don’t let lousy weather stop you travelling and enjoying your trips. If it’s miserable in one place, it’s bound to be perfect in the next. After all, travel adventures (and life) are really what YOU make of them!

Safe travels.

“I dislike feeling at home when I am abroad” – George Bernard Shaw (1856 – 1950)

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