Ed: Aug/Sept 2009

Ever since my childhood, travel has been in my blood.

Weekends at Lake Kariba or Victoria Falls were common place, while longer holidays were spent in Cape Town, Malawi, Namibia or Mozambique. Once I headed off on my big OE, I never fully returned to my African roots.

Instead, I’ve traversed the continents, living, working and playing in many a foreign land. And of all the places I’ve visited, I chose to make New Zealand my home.

As we know, each journey starts with just one small footstep, a small seed sown by an image spotted in a magazine, a snippet overheard at the water cooler, or a long-held dream reaching fruition. Our journey began, as many others surely have done, over a glass or two of good wine on a long summer’s evening. By the end of the night we had a vision – to publish the best travel magazine in New Zealand; to portray as much of our beautiful region as possible; and to showcase that beauty not only to Kiwi readers, but well beyond these shores. Not only do we want you to discover what’s in your own backyard, but we’re intent on telling the world all about our special
spot in Godzone.

This first issue of Let’s Travel magazine has morphed from that original conversation into what you today hold in your hands. We’ve collated some great stories from our own collections, as well as those from a handful of writers who’s work we have enjoyed reading in the past.

The Let’s Travel team are all avid travellers. Between us, we have many and varied stories to tell and, over time, we’ll share some of them with you.

Culture, people, scenery, tastes and smells all combine into veritable melting pots of society. Often, just getting somewhere can sometimes be as exciting as the destination itself.

We look forward to bringing you more adventures and discoveries and taking you, just for a moment, to the places you are reading about. If our tales inspire you to head off on your own journeys to find your own stories, then we have achieved our goal.

Gayle Dickson
Managing Editor

“The reason for travelling is to regulate imagination by reality and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they really are”
– Samuel Johnson, British Author 1709 – 1784

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