Ed: Aug/Sept 2013

For the first time in over five years, visitors to our shores from the USA have leap-frogged the UK in to third place. Granted, only just, but it is a trend I am sure the teams at all four airlines who fly Stateside out of Auckland will want to take some sort of credit for… and so they should!

On average, the Let’s Travel team travels to the States at least six times a year. More and more often we are getting to places that, historically, most Kiwis haven’t bothered to venture to. That’s about to change, I am sure, with the launch of Brand USA into the NZ market just recently.

Their mission is to get as many of us as possible to attractions within ALL 50 states. I envisage that visitor numbers will increase northbound and southbound. The USA offers such a varied choice of destination within its borders – there’s more variety than any other country that we’ve visited, with each State offering its own unique subculture.

When you couple competition between the four US-bound airlines with the still fairly attractive exchange rate, you have a recipe for benefits on both sides.

Don’t get me wrong … Australia, The Pacific Islands and Asia will still be strong competitors for the tourism dollar but as, we all know, everything is bigger in America … and I know the Americans are just chomping at the bit to show us just how diverse and big the Good Ole US of A is.

Travel safe!


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