Ed: June/July 2011

Good things take time, or so the saying goes. I’m not so sure, because this is the twelfth issue of Let’s Travel magazine, and it’s been a resounding success from Day One. That’s right, we’ve been around two years already.

I can’t say I know many businesses, especially magazines that launched in the middle of a recession, who have been in the black from the first day of operation and remained that way for two full years. Especially when those previous two years besieged many companies as the global financial crisis kicked the world right between the nether regions.

Do I sound like I’m bragging? Am I gloating just a little? You better believe it!

Our small yet very dedicated team have worked diligently – nay, make that bloody hard – to ensure that each issue of Let’s Travel magazine maintained a fresh and appealing look with the right mix of content; a mix that our ever-growing readership has responded to in no uncertain terms.

It’s all very well for a title to pick up new subscribers and readers on a daily basis, but if those readers don’t find the articles and advertising relevant … they won’t respond and the title has little hope of remaining lucrative. It’s been extremely satisfying to have so many advertisers reporting successful campaigns back to us as well.

Our corporate partners are also singing our praises. In a world that’s all about WIIFM (what’s in it for me?), it seems that the pleasure of their clients receiving Let’s Travel magazine every two months goes a long way to alleviating an interest rate hike or an increase in fees.

And, yes, keeping up with the times by going digital has been an added bonus, enabling us to pick up readers from all corners of the globe! It’s fascinating to think that somewhere in the world someone is reading Let’s Travel magazine – either in print, at their computer or on their iPad.

The planning sessions for the next two years have gone long into many a night, over many a bottle of good NZ chardonnay I might add. A raft of initiatives are planned, one of which saw the light of day recently in the form of Let’s Travel – Queensland edition.

I once heard that if you found something you loved to do, you’d never have to work a day in your life. I believe our entire team has found that ‘something’ – we love what we’re doing, and I believe it shows in each new issue we produce. Long may the world continue to offer us new adventures or fresh ways of seeing old favourites!

Safe travels.

“The secret to success is to do the common things uncommonly well.” – John D.Rockefeller

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