Ed: June/July 2012

While updating our Facebook page recently…and then spending hours browsing other’s posts and logs, as you do, I came across an application that tracks your travels. The list of places was by no means conclusive, but even I couldn’t tally one hundred percent and I travel a lot!

It got me thinking about my own personal bucket list. No matter how many new countries, regions and territories I visit each year, duly ticking them off the list, there are always new towns and cities being added!

Whenever a bunch of travel writers get together to swap stories there are tales that make you go “Ooh, I want to experience that”. It seems that the travel bug is infectious; for every fabulous spot you’ve discovered and loved, there are countless others just over the horizon, all eagerly awaiting your arrival.

Every now and then I put a big question mark alongside some of the destinations on my list – natural disasters and war torn lands are not my idea of fun. It’s interesting to note, however, that over the years the questions marks often shift position as one region becomes stable again and troubles flare up elsewhere.

Does anyone ever truly accomplish everything on their bucket list? Or are we, by nature, a beast who’s never truly satisfied?

I don’t intend to ponder the mystery anymore…I’m just going to keep ticking those places off as I endeavour to conquer the world, no doubt adding new ones every few months, as well as shifting those question marks around the ever growing list. After all, as the saying goes, we’re here for a good time, not a long time.

I certainly don’t want to be another Jack Nicholson or Morgan Freeman in the movie “The Bucket List”, checking things off at a furious pace when time is running out.

The fact that you’re reading this magazine tells me you have your own travel bucket list, even if it’s a mental one. Do yourself a favour – write that list out on paper and pin it to your notice board or stick it on the fridge door. You’ll make it happen faster if it’s uppermost in your mind!

Travel far, travel wide – just keep travelling!

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list – Susan Sontag (1933 – 2004)

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