Ed: June/July 2013

Research is key!

The truth is … everyone loves to travel. Everyone with a pulse, that is! But how do you decide where to go when there are so many options?

Airfares, compared to years gone by, are very reasonable, and with so many airlines with connections to every inch of the world, it’s a simple matter of choosing where you want to go. Or is it?

Accommodation isn’t an issue; there are properties in almost every single country that cater for everyone – from backpackers to 5-star luxury seekers, from over-water to under-water, from treetops to mountain cave, and everything in between.

So just how do you make that decision? Simple really … research. Speak to everyone, read everything you can get you hands on, and listen to those who have been there and done that.

We’ve heard some great stories over the past four years from readers who were inspired to get down to their local travel agent or get on-line and book their holiday of a lifetime after reading features in the pages of Let’s Travel.

Over the past four years we, too, have had to move with the times. Our digital version has been a massive success, not only here in NZ, but with people who want a good informative read all over the world. More recently we became the only NZ travel magazine that you can download on iTunes, Nook and Pocketmags.

Just last month our new and improved website was launched, enabling us to blog more frequently whilst we are away “working” on future issues of the magazine. We’re active on social media, with loads of traffic on both our Facebook page and Twitter accounts.

All of these avenues will keep you up to speed with what is happening in the travel industry to ensure you’re more informed when you consider your next holiday destination, whether that’s in NZ or offshore.

Hopefully that first seed of thought is planted in your grey matter by the articles, images and stories told in these pages. If not…then you probably don’t have a pulse!!!

Travel safe!


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