Ed: Oct/Nov 2013

Milestones, good or bad, always make me stop and think for a while. Think about where life has taken me, where it is at the moment, and (most importantly) what path it will lead me down next.

Ever since I was 21 I have been travelling this glorious, aqua blue sphere we call Earth, going to as many different places as I can, experiencing as many different things as I can, talking to as many different people as I can…and all the while trying to live life as fully as possible…

Sometimes “life” gets in the way, but here I am…about to approach another BIG milestone and contemplating life, the universe and everything…and all I can come up with is 42! (Pity that’s 8 digits too few) Our recent 4th anniversary issue was a milestone for our business.

At the time of setting up Let’s Travel we were castigated and, I’m sure, laughed at behind well-guarded hands.

But here we stand – proud and tall. The best consumer travel publication in this glorious land of ours, with our heart beating faster than Carly Simon’s when she wrote about, whoever she sung about, in “You’re so vain”! (My money’s on Mick Jagger)

Let’s Travel is constantly morphing and changing as new revenue streams arrive on our doorstep. For more than two years now Let’s Travel magazine readers have had access to a high quality digital format of the publication, as well as access to our insights and travels through our website and Facebook pages. Where will all this lead us?

Who knows at this juncture…but keeping up with changes in this business we have chosen and love so much is just half the challenge. The other half is giving our readers and loyal advertisers what they both want, and deserve. Hopefully their answer is also 42!

Live long and prosper

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal”– Henry Ford (1863 – 1947)


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