Ed: Special Edition – QLD 2012

I have to admit that, after reading Anthony’s foreword, I sat here thinking to myself: “He’s said it all. How can I improve on what he’s said about one of my favourite destinations?”

However, once we started pulling all the material together and proof reading the copy for this third edition of Let’s Travel Queensland, I realised very quickly that our talented pool of writers have managed to do just that.

I guess it’s easy to write about a region in glowing terms when it’s a region that offers something for everybody. Every travel writer who visits the Sunshine State of Australia is able to capture their own special emotion and provide a unique take on their surroundings and thus provide our readers with a fantastic balance of experiences.

Queensland is a state that offers huge variety, on and in the water, as well as on the land or in the air. It doesn’t matter what style of holiday you prefer, this is one state that is able to accommodate you. Budgets also don’t matter in Queensland…everyone from a backpacker to a superstar is catered for.

As we head into New Zealand’s cooler winter months, many of you will be considering a little sojourn to somewhere sunnier, warmer and (dare I say it) drier! Many of you are likely thinking: “We did Queensland last year; perhaps we should go somewhere else this winter”.

I’d like to let you in on a little secret! Over the years I’ve visited Queensland on more occasions than I have fingers on both hands (and probably could include the toes on both my feet, too!). I have never done the same thing twice! Every single visit has provided me with new experiences, new tastes, new adventures.

Do yourself a favour…head to Queensland this winter and discover, or rediscover, how warm the people are, how sunny the climate is and just how much there really is to do!

Safe and happy travels.

“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travellers don’t know where they’re going” – Paul Theroux (1941 – )

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