Rotorua International Airport introduces free Wi-Fi

Taking off to any destination within the realms of cyberspace is now a possibility for travellers and visitors to Rotorua International Airport, with the launch of a new, free Wi-Fi service.

The free Wi-Fi is available across the entire site including both the international and domestic terminals.

Rotorua International Airport business development manager, Anna Rodgers, says establishing free Wi-Fi has been a key priority for the airport, which has an ongoing focus on improving its services, including access to technology, for passengers.

“In this new electronic age, being able to access Wi-Fi services is absolutely critical for passengers, as well as their friends and family – regardless of whether they are travelling for business or pleasure,” says Anna.

“The new Wi-Fi service means they can quickly and easily get online, either on a laptop or handheld device, to check emails, scan the latest news or plan their next travel destination. We know this sort of service all contributes to the travelling experience.

“This is a real step up from the user pays internet system that we previously had in place and it all helps to confirm the perception that Rotorua is a savvy, professional and attractive place to visit and do business.”

Anna says the introduction of the Wi-Fi service is a particularly positive development for Trans-Tasman passengers in the international departure lounge, who did not previously have access to any internet service.

Visitors to Rotorua International Airport can simply log on to the service by searching for “Free Airport Wi-Fi” in their connection settings.


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