Summer lawn mowing

450 Handle Lift - PedalSummer lawn mowing

For intrepid travellers, getting home to a cosy and well-groomed house is something we look forward to. And a welcoming and attractive home starts with
a cleanly cut lawn – but often it’s hard to find the time to give it the attention it needs.

A new Kiwi invention is set to change all that, making lawnmowing easier than ever before.

Invented right here in Godzone – where DIY is as second nature as our stubbies and gumboots – the clever folk at Masport have created the Handle Lift System as an innovative addition to their leading range of lawnmowers.

Typically, removing and reinstalling the catcher has been a task in itself, as you navigate your way around your lawnmower and the rigid fixed handle. The new Masport Handle Lift System provides a convenient foot pedal to elevate the handle, creating easier access to the catcher, meaning less moments of crouching and ducking in the middle of getting the lawns done. So now your fishing rods, rugby boots, golf clubs and barbeque will see much more attention – this time saving feature will give you more time with your toys!

Traditionally, a rigid fixed handle means your lawnmower has most likely had to battle it out with the rest of your toys for garage space – however with the new Masport Handle Lift System, storage is your new best friend! With the simple tap of the pedal the handle pops up vertically – sweet as.

In addition to your newfound storage space, you can also enjoy easier access when it comes time to clean and maintain your lawnmower.

Masport General Manager, Steve Hughes, says New Zealanders want to make mowing their lawns as easy and pleasurable as possible, which is why Masport created the new Handle Lift System. “Masport prides itself on providing high quality design and manufacture of feature-rich machines,” says Hughes.

The Smartchute®, Chipperchute, Ergo Adjuster and Four Blade MSV Disc Technology are also examples of Masport’s home-grown engineering excellence. Masport mowers are the smart mowers of the industry, that continue to provide unique features such as the Handle Lift System, so you’ll have the best looking lawns on the street!

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Here’s a video to show you how it works:


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