How to survive long flights

How to survive long flightsWhen we are deciding where to go on holiday, there are a some factors we need to take into consideration. First, you should check what there is to do there to keep you busy. Secondly, you should look at what the weather will be like. And thirdly, you need to consider how long the plane journey is. A lot of people are put off if the trip is more than eight hours. Here are some ways to survive a long plane journey.

Choose a good seat

To make sure you have a very comfortable plane journey, you should ensure you have a great seat. A lot of companies now allow you to choose where you want to sit after you have booked your tickets. You can go online and pick which one is right for you. Ones that have a better view out the window or more leg room will be a slightly higher price. Remember to pick the seats together to ensure you are sitting with your loved ones. You may want to spoil yourself and go in first class where you will be more comfortable during the trip. We talk here about tips for choosing the best plane seats.

Take plenty of books

If you are heading on a long plane journey, you need to be able to keep occupied during the voyage. Therefore, you should take some great books with you so you can read for a couple of hours. Once you get into a good book, the time will fly. Take a couple with you so you have one to read on the way back. A lot of people forget about the journey back and read everything before they come home. Check out the best sellers on sites such as

Plan your trip

Use the time while you are on the plane to plan out your vacation. Decide on things you would like to see while you’re away on holiday. You should be able to research before you go on the resort’s website such as,  to find out what there is to do in the area. Write a list of the days and what you want to do every day. Start a travel diary so you can remember about what you did for years to come.

How to survive long flights

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Pack an eye mask

Another popular way to make sure you can survive the long journey is to pack an eye mask. You want to be able to get some sleep. To ensure your eyes don’t keep opening, why not pack an eye mask to use on the plane. With decent sleep, you will be refreshed when you get there!

Don’t go on your own

If you want to survive a long plane journey, you should not go on your own. Without company, it can be very boring and make the journey feel longer than it is. If nobody can go with you, why not strike up a conversation with the person next to you. Who knows what interesting stories they will tell you.

Remember that most plane companies will have televisions in the seats for long haul journeys.


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