What Could You Gain From Traveling Solo?

Maybe traveling solo often crosses your mind. Maybe you’ve never really thought about it at all. Well, now is the time to think about it! There are so many things to gain from traveling solo, which is why so many people are deciding to do it. What could you gain from traveling solo? Read on […]

Myanmar’s Sanctum Inle Resort

Myanmar’s Sanctum Inle Resort To Celebrate October Grand Opening The first upscale hotel to come on line in one of Myanmar’s most compelling tourist destinations will officially debut October 1 when 94-room Sanctum Inle Resort holds its grand opening on the shores of Inle Lake. An Olympic-sized swimming pool overlooking the lake, the 150 square […]

Travel Alberta launches Pokémaster’s Guide

Travel Alberta is inviting Albertans, and visitors, to explore the beauty of the Western Canadian province with the launch of Pokémaster’s Guide to Alberta. Fans of the popular augmented-reality game, Pokémon Go, can explore awe-inspiring locations and attractions across Alberta, including Calgary and Edmonton, whilst seeking out Pokémon, Pokéstops and Pokémon gyms. Pokémon trainers can […]

5 eye-opening stats that reveal how mobile is powering the travel market

Access to smartphones and mobile technology has changed nearly every aspect of our lives, but travel has seen some of the most drastic transformations. Apps and mobile sites are helping travelers plan their trips, book tours and hotels, and seek information in the moments that inspiration strikes. Unsurprisingly, mobile has become the #1 travel tool […]

Where should you travel next?

With an entire planet to explore, picking your next destination can be tricky! Where should you travel next? We’ve put together some of the best spots for romance, adventure, cultural enrichment, observing native wildlife and of course, keeping the kids entertained! Fun for the whole family in Hawaii: The only challenge you’ll phase when visiting […]

Enjoying a family holiday abroad

The idea of a family holiday is very much like communism: it works on paper, but it has flaws in reality. Everyone likes to think that they can go on vacation as a family and enjoy every minute. The truth is that most family holidays end up with lots of arguing and tantrums, and it […]

Finding the ideal hotel

Finding the ideal hotel is one of the most important parts to making sure you have a great time when travelling. You may or may not spend a lot of time in your hotel. It doesn’t matter; your hotel can either enhance your trip or make it a bit of a pain. These tips will […]

Luxury Travel Ideas – USA

So, you’re heading to America? If you want the experience to be as luxurious as possible, here are some luxury travel ideas for you to consider. Travel in Style We all know that your holiday doesn’t begin when you get to your destination. It begins as soon as you start off on your journey to […]

4 things you shouldn’t forget on a trip

When you’re planning a trip, there are loads of things to consider. You keep stressing about certain things and rushing around trying to sort everything out. As a result, some important things could slip through the cracks. To make sure this doesn’t happen, we’ve got four things you mustn’t forget when going on a trip: […]

What medical conditions does travel insurance really cover?

Travel insurance does cover medical conditions but, like all insurances, there are restrictions and exclusions set within the policy to keep premium costs lower for the consumer. Travel insurance prices are all based on risk assessment. Just as skydiving isn’t covered as it’s too risky to insure, the same goes for serious illnesses and injury. If […]