The Best Accommodation For Holidays In The Hills

The Best Accommodation For Holidays In The HillsJust because August has turned into September doesn’t mean you still cannot enjoy the northern hemisphere’s Great Outdoors. At Let’s Travel Mag, we like to try vacations of all shapes and sizes and, as the summer is becoming autumn in the north, we thought we’d take a look at walking holidays.

The autumn is a great time to experience hiking in the hills because it is cool enough to be comfortable. But it is not too cool that you are scared of freezing to death! However, when you go on a hiking holiday, you have to make it as accessible as possible because you can be far away from civilisation. That means you need to take your accommodation more seriously than you would on any other holiday.

The good news is there are plenty of great options to choose from, and below are samples to help you make your decision.

Bed & Breakfast

Bed and breakfast do exactly what it says on the tin! Most people like the freedom to come and go as they please, which is why it is a great option. All you have to worry about is getting up in the morning to get your fill. There is no need to worry about getting back on time for lunch or dinner because you will take care of those yourself. Plus, they tend to be quaint little dwellings that are full of helpful staff.


Depending on which part of the world you like to hike, there might be hotels, too. For some people, hotels take away from the atmosphere of the holiday. Walking and hiking vacations are about being at one with nature and sampling the local culture, not staying in a corporate hotel. However, if you care more about luxury and comfort than culture, a hotel is the place to stay!

The Best Accommodation For Holidays In The HillsCabin

Maybe you prefer to do everything on your own accord? A lot of hikers tend to like to get away from the rigours of life, so they want to stay away from hotels and people in general. If that sounds like you, a cabin is probably your best choice. Blue Ridge cabin rentals are remote and usually far away from any of life’s annoying customs. Consequently, you can take time away from your everyday life and just think about stuff for a while. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Cabins are for the independent and adventurous travellers among you.


The last option available to anyone when they go on an adventure holiday is to set up camp. Camping is basic and uncomplicated, and if you embrace camping it can be a brilliant experience. Plus, if you like to go walking with friends, there is a bonding element that camping provides that is hard to replicate.

Depending on what you want from your hiking vacation, the above has everything covered. Just make sure you take booking accommodation seriously before you make your final decision.


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