Visa deal for frequent flyers

Immigration New Zealand has renewed an agreement with China Southern Airlines that allows CZ Gold and Silver frequent flyer card holders to apply for a visa without evidence of sufficient funds to support themselves, as long as they can show their flight records over the previous two years.

Immigration New Zealand head Nigel Bickle said almost 100 travellers had used the scheme since it came into effect in NOV12 and no compliance issues had emerged.

Now Air New Zealand, too, has been granted the same deal for its frequent flyers.

CEO Christopher Luxon says that the airline is very excited about the agreement with Immigration as it will lead to further growth in tourism. “INZ has said it will endeavour to process all visitor visa applications under this scheme within five working days,” Mr Luxon says. “This sort of visa facilitation scheme will be of great benefit to our frequent flyers and encourage them to come to New Zealand.”

Mr Luxon, who was on PM John Key’s trade delegation to China, also announced that the multi-entry visa granted to travellers from China would be doubled from one year to two years.

Parents and grandparents of people studying and working in New Zealand can also get a multiple re-entry visa.

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