Welcome to Fabulous RotoVegas

Welcome to Fabulous RotoVegas – A new Skyline Rotorua roadside sign has brought a new sense of fun to the geothermal city with the sign closely modelled on the infamous Las Vegas version.

The sign, “Welcome to Fabulous RotoVegas” plays on Rotorua’s affectionate nickname which is well-known around New Zealand and the world.

Skyline Rotorua general manager, Bruce Thomasen, says the sign, complete with flashing lights, is “loud and proud” and will create some unique photo opportunities for locals and visitors alike.

The sign also signals the launch of Skyline’s new RotoVegas theme for corporate functions, which will turn Skyline’s facility into a replica Las Vegas for a night full of neon lights, busking, cabaret shows, casino games, Luge and great food.

Author and broadcaster Max Cryer’s The Godzone Dictionary of Favourite New Zealand Words and Phrases says RotoVegas is “an amusing and affectionate nickname for Rotorua, combining its name with Las Vegas, as a none-too-subtle acknowledgement of the tourist and Māori entertainment industry that makes up a major part of the local economy”.

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