A Walk on the Wild Side – Bonorong Wilderness Sanctuary

Where else can you get up close and personal with wildlife – no, not in a zoo – but at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary where it’s all about touchy close encounters with the wild side of life. Bonorong (an Aboriginal word meaning native companion) is a little 17 acre, privately owned sanctuary that helps rescue more […]

A Convict’s Rite of Passage

“I’m an eighth generation Tasmanian,” remarked Jake Bradshaw when we first met on the grounds of Port Arthur. “My ancestor George Ransley was the leader and a smuggler for the Adlington Gang who drank and hatched raids from the Walnut Tree Inn in Aldington, Kent. He was sentenced and transported for murder and smuggling on […]

Fit for a Premier – Quamby Estate, Tasmania

Quamby Estate Golf is steeped in Tasmanian history as the home of Sir Richard Dry – the first Tasmanian born premier of the state. The large stately-like house was built between 1830 and 1838. Originally a 30,000 acre estate in the Meander Valley, today its acreage is closer to 64 hectares including a nine-hole golf […]

California’s Temecula Valley ‘Au Naturale’ Temptations

Less than a couple of hours from downtown Los Angeles and one hour from Orange County, wine and vineyards feature heavily in a part of Southern California known as Temecula Valley. Temecula is a pretty, tourist town with some good restaurants such as Soro’s, they even had New Zealand Lamb chops on the menu and […]

Easy Rider – From Route 66 to 77 Sunset Strip

It not often you can follow in the wheels of a cult movie but we somehow managed to drive a section of old Route 66 where some of the counter-culture film Easy Rider was shot with Peter Honda and Dennis Hopper in 1969. On the morning we departed Pirate Cove RV Resort on the Colorado […]

Tarantulas, Gila Monsters, Mountain Lions and Western Diamond Back Rattlesnakes!

One of the highlights of visiting the Sonora Desert in Arizona is the chance to experience a world-renowned zoo, botanical garden and a natural history museum all rolled into one. The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is home to more than 300 animal species and 1200 different kinds of plants, in addition to a world class mineral […]

A Wild, Wet and Windy Flying Foxy Fling

With a low pressure weather system blanketing Tasmania, it was always going to be a bit wild, wet and windy ziplining tree to tree 50m above the ground . . . but once you’re in the crow’s nest there’s no turning back . The rain started slowly as we headed out into a eucalyptus forest […]

Ride ‘Em Cowboy! Horse Riding, Saguaro Cactus and Rattlesnakes

I once swore I’d never ever get on the back of a four legged critter again after a sunrise horse ride in Monument Valley in 2001 left me nursing bruised knees and a pinched nerve in my back. However as part of our stay at Tanque Verde Ranch east of Tucson I broke my own […]

Pasadena’s Huntington Museum and Local Food Tours

Famous for the Beach Boys song Little Old Lady from Pasadena and The Pasadena Rose Parade, this LA location is well worth a full day visit. Your first stop should be the Huntington Library & Museum. It’s located on 160 manicured acres and includes one of the finest private libraries in America (at last count […]

Tombstone – “The Town Too Tough to Die”

We arrived in Apache and Geronimo territory today and settled into the town made famous by Wyatt Earp, his brothers and Doc Holliday. The fact that much of the town is not original does little to discourage tourists from visiting the Birdcage Theatre, Boothill and the Crystal Palace Saloon, and to watch one of the […]