Lavender Secrets of Provence

Most of us would be attracted to a place where the air is literally perfumed.  The legendary region of Provence is exactly that. Steeped in mystery folklore and with a bountiful garden, this place is surely a purple paradise.  The famed region is a basketful of flavours and heavenly scents, a feast for the eyes […]

From Airport to Ski Resort – quickly!

Getting from the airport to the ski resort needn’t be a nightmare! A skiing holiday should be on everyone’s bucket list. Although it might not sound as glamorous as visiting Christ the Redeemer in Rio, it is pretty special. A skiing holiday is one that you will not forget in a hurry for all the […]

How to enjoy New York

For those who have caught the travel bug, there are certain places you visit that just seem to call you back. They have a profound impact on you, and they hold a special place in your heart. And for many people New York City is one such place. It’s a city popularized in film, television […]

Best Destinations for Wannabe Explorers

Have you ever wondered what the best destinations are for Wannabe Explorers? Broadly speaking, there are only really two types of holiday: a holiday for rest and relaxation, and a holiday for doing. Both have their merits, but holidays are especially fantastic for challenging ideas and enjoying new experiences, where the curious can explore to […]

Vomo Island Resort, Fiji – New Spa Treatments

This month, the newly renovated spa at the five-star Vomo Island Resort, a private island retreat in the South Pacific, is enhancing its treatment menu with new therapies performed exclusively by highly-trained Thai therapists utilising the naturally-based Australian skin care line, Sodashi. Catering to both men and women, the extensive range of Sodashi luxurious products […]