5 Australian Destinations to visit this year

5 Australian Destinations to visit this year

09/01/2015 0 By Gayle Dickson

Discovering Australia has become something of a favourite pastime with travellers. People, the world over, want to head to Oz and sample the delights of this diverse country. Whether you want a thriving city scene, or you want to simply get back to basics, Australia has it all. Of course, trying to see all of Australia in one trip is not going to happen. But, with some careful planning you can see as much or as little of this astonishing country as you like.

Here are our best picks of Australia.

Where will you visit?

  1.    Sydney

Okay, so while this may be something of a cliché, many people are keen to head to Sydney to take in the marvels and delights. Sydney offers the intrepid traveller everything and then some. The opera house is just one of the places that you can visit. Taronga Zoo is a must-visit attraction for anyone that is visiting Sydney for the first time. Of course, you can head to the Harbour Bridge too. Will you be brave enough to scale and climb the heights of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks?

  1.    Byron Bay

Students have always heralded Byron Bay as their ultimate destination. But, Byron Bay offers much more than a hippy retreat. It’s the epitome of Australia. If can be seen as something of a stereotype with surfers and the cool and the young hanging out on its shores. But, this aside, it’s breathtakingly beautiful. The sunsets that can be seen from Byron are not like anywhere else in the world.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay

  1.    The Great Ocean Road

If you are heading to Victoria, you cannot miss out of the Great Ocean Road. This offers one of the world’s best car journeys. The scenery is nothing short of stunning. But, you will need to book out a day to see this in all of its glory. The road is 150 miles long and takes you across the vast coastline of Victoria. The cliffs, beaches and the vast expanse of ocean are why it holds so much appeal for locals and tourists alike.

  1.    Daintree Rainforest

Of course, after driving all that way, you may want to head out and get your feet on the ground. Head to the Daintree Rainforest in Northern Queensland. You can seek out private jet charters to the region if you want to get there in style. Getting back to nature has never been more serene. This is deemed as Oz’s largest rainforest and is home to some simply stunning wildlife. The rainforest is home to over 30% of all of Australia’s wildlife. You can even see a prehistoric bird while you are there too! The Cassowary is only found in this rainforest, so don’t miss it.

  1.    Wineglass Bay

For the truly intrepid among us, you need to head down to Tasmania to see Wineglass Bay. It’s a quiet, yet rugged part of the country. The area has a swimming beach within its midst. But, you can also scuba dive and snorkel within the region too. It’s decidedly less touristy than the rest of Oz. So, if you want peace and quiet, this is the place to be.

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