8 Thrilling Activities To Try In Thailand

29/10/2019 0 By Gayle Dickson

While Thailand is known worldwide for its tropical beaches and intricately built temples, the country is filled with thrilling activities any first-time visitor has to try. Here are the top 8 exciting activities to experience in Thailand:



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1. Elephant Trekking in Phuket

What would a trip to Thailand be without seeing an elephant? Better yet, why not go for a traditional elephant ride in the picturesque beach city, Phuket? Their elephant trekking experiences allow you to appreciate the beauty of this tropical country from a completely different yet special perspective.



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2. Cave Canoeing and Kayaking at the Khao Ping Kan
You can maximise your beach getaway in Phuket by going cave canoeing and kayaking. You can even take this experience up a notch by going to the Khao Ping Kan, or more popularly known as the James Bond Island, in Phang Nga Bay, as it was featured in the franchise’s The Man with the Golden Gun movie. Here, you’ll get to enter the country’s hidden caves and lagoons, and also marvel at the country lush mangroves.



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3. Scuba Diving at the Similan Islands

With their world-renowned beaches, it would be a shame for any first-time visitor to miss out on a scuba diving adventure. You can discover more about their deep crystal blue seas at the Similan Islands, which has been deemed to be one of Thailand’s most fascinating diving sites. Be sure to keep your eyes out for their rich marine life, as the region is home to barracudas, octopuses, and sea snakes to name a few.



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4. Horse Betting at the Royal Turf Club

Thailand’s top horse tracks Royal Turf Club and the Royal Bangkok Sports are known for accommodating the elite, but everyone is invited to join in the fun and bet at these sports clubs. Horse betting’s exciting atmosphere is magnified thanks to the energetic Thai bookmakers who offer prizes, bonuses, and rebates throughout the game. This activity is a must if you’re travelling for the first time, as you get to participate in a traditional and thrilling Thai pastime.



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5. Bungy Jumping in Pattaya

Pattaya is another island getaway in Thailand. What sets it apart, however, is that is bustling with adventurous activities. Standing around 60-metres high, Pattaya Bungy is Thailand’s highest bungy jump operation. Moreover, adrenaline-junkies can even try out their human slingshot experience.



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6. Rock Climbing in Krabi

Unbeknownst to many, the island of Krabi is not just the province of the famous Phi Phi islands, but it’s also one of the best places to go rock climbing. With 631 climbing routes, you’re surely in for an otherworldly experience as you climb on the island’s limestone cliffs.



Credit: Skydive Pattaya

7. Skydiving in Pattaya
If you want to jump from more extreme heights, you can find the country’s premier skydiving experience in Pattaya as well. Skydive Pattaya offers this unforgettable adventure, as you jump out of an aeroplane at 4,000-metres high with their certified instructors. You’ll certainly have the most spectacular view of Thailand in one of the most thrilling ways.



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8. Watching a Muay Thai Match at the Rajadamnern Stadium

You’ll definitely get an adrenaline rush when you watch a Muay Thai or “Thai boxing” match. Undoubtedly, Thailand’s national sport is a must-see live event, as this combat sport also infuses ancient elements of martial arts and meditation. You can even get ringside seats at their popular arenas like Rajadamnern Stadium and Lumpinee stadium in Bangkok for an extra dose of entertainment.


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