Amazing Places To Visit In Australia

Amazing Places To Visit In Australia

05/12/2017 Off By Gayle Dickson

Travelling is a brilliant way to spend your time. You can see phenomenal sights, eat amazing food, meet some wonderful people, and experience different cultures. You’re never going to see everything there is to see in the world, but there are some things that you just can’t miss out on. Australia is one of the places that should be on everyone’s bucket list, as it has so much to offer. The wildlife is fascinating, the weather is glorious, and there’s just so much to do. There are a few places in Australia that you have to visit if you ever get the chance, and here they are.

Amazing Places To Visit In AustraliaThe Great Barrier Reef

This one should be no surprise to you. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and rightfully so; It covers over 344,400 km2 in area, and has over 3000 coral reefs. The Great Barrier reef is home to some magical underwater creatures, including jellyfish, turtles, sharks, whales, and dolphins, meaning that a short scuba dive here (or even a snorkel) will show you some amazing sights.

Amazing Places To Visit In AustraliaSydney

Sydney is absolutely packed full of things to do, so it is an absolute must-see destination for anyone travelling to Australia. Perhaps the most famous landmark in Sydney is its opera house, which hosts a variety of events and attracts over eight million visitors every single year. Sydney is also home to one of the most famous beaches in the world, Bondi Beach. It’s a great place for swimming, surfing, relaxing, and just having fun. There is also some great museums, harbours, and zoos, all in the heart of Sydney.

Amazing Places To Visit In AustraliaFraser Island

If you don’t know very much about Australia, then you might not have heard of Fraser Island, but I assure you, it is a wonderful place to visit. Not only is it home to some amazing wildlife, including packs of dingoes, birds, turtles, and geckos, but it also has a huge variety of crystal clear lakes and creeks for you to swim in. There is also a fascinating shipwreck, and the opportunity to spot some whales from August to November.

Amazing Places To Visit In AustraliaBrisbane

There is so much to see and do in Brisbane, so you couldn’t possibly get it all done in a short trip (although you can certainly try!). The koala sanctuary, which is also home to wombats, kangaroos, and Tasmanian devils, is a favourite among tourists and locals alike. Brisbane tours might also take you to Moreton Island, Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium and Cosmic Skydome, and the international film festival, which is held every July.

Australia is absolutely amazing, and there is so much to do there that you couldn’t possibly write it all down, let alone visit it. However, these are some of the most fascinating and breathtaking places in Australia, and should definitely be right at the top of your bucket list. It doesn’t matter what you enjoy doing, relaxing on the beach, eating, seeing weird and wonderful creatures, or deep sea diving, Australia has it all!


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