An Uplifting Experience, QT Hotel

An Uplifting Experience, QT Hotel

14/08/2013 0 By Gayle Dickson

Going Up? QT’s Elevators Offer an Uplifting Experience

Gone are the days of shoe-gazing, slouchy shuffles and awkward silences at QT Sydney. Known as ‘interactive installations’ the elevators at this new landmark hotel are equal parts impromptu art, party and ice-breaker. Depart from the traditional `muzak` soundtrack and enter the improvisational elevator.

Set within two heritage-listed buildings, the former Gowings department store and the State Theatre, there are many quirks and nuances across the 200 rooms and common areas of QT Sydney. Among the more unusual are the hotel’s musical elevators.

On entering one of the hotel’s five elevators, a piece of custom built software kicks-in, sensing how many people are occupying the space. The software selects songs from set-lists, corresponding to the number of passengers, time of day and proposed mood.

Going for a solo ride? QT’s theme song fades out as the one-person playlist takes over with tracks like Are you lonesome Tonight by Elvis or Eric Carmen’s All by Myself.

Upon a second guest’s arrival, the sensors will randomly automate from the two-person playlist with songs like Just the Two of Us by Bill Withers and the James Taylor classic You Got a Friend.

When the count reaches four people the songs become more playful with favorites like MC Hammer’s You Can’t Touch This and Groove is in the Heart by Deelite.

Upwards of five, the playlist shifts from the up-tempo lounge music by day to decidedly party songs at night. Each of the five curated playlists feature eight to ten songs, all selected to suit the hotel’s whimsical attitude.


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