Best ways to get around Sydney


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If you’re visiting Sydney, Australia, you’re in for a trip of a lifetime. From it’s bustling city to it’s world famous harbour, it’s a destination unlike any other. With plenty of attractions and free things to do, you won’t want to waste a second during your visit. Getting about it a lot easier than most other major cities as the transportation links here are extensive and well planned out. This is hardly surprising as the city is a popular tourist location and home to nearly four million people. To help you get around and explore this incredible city with ease, here are some potential transport options you could use.

Hire car

A hire car can be a convenient and flexible way to travel throughout Sydney. It gives you the freedom to plan your own itinerary while also providing comfort and space. On the other hand, you will have parking fees, experience congestion and have to negotiate the one-way systems. This can make driving very frustrating if you aren’t used to these kind of conditions. There are also toll roads on some of Sydney’s major motorways and links including the Harbour brides. Car hire is ideal if you’re planning on visiting the city’s quieter regions and for day trips. You can get a quote from Bayswater Car Hire in Sydney or other reputable suppliers. Also, look into toll road passes and insurance policies.


Image: Jennifer Morrow

Water Taxi

Something you absolutely must try during your stay is a trip on a water taxi. These taxis are a quick and easy way to travel to attractions, restaurants and beaches surrounding Sydney’s harbour. They operate 24 hours a day and let you see the city from a different perspective either during the day or night. This is not an ideal mode of transport if you get seasick easily as they move quickly. It costs around 15 Australian dollars for a trip around the harbour but this will vary depending on the company you use. For more information on fares, private hire and group size, contact the Yellow Water Taxi or another provider directly. Remember that in peak times, these taxis will be highly in demand so always book early if you can.

Light Rail

Another option you could use is the light rail tram system in Sydney’s city centre. These run every 10 minutes and can get you to your destinations in no time. They provide fantastic access to Chinatown, Sydney fish market and the Central Station. You have the option to buy a day pass, single or return ticket depending on your itinerary. This mode of transport also allows you to mingle with the locals and other tourists. They can get very busy during the mornings and early evenings, which could affect your plans for the day. But overall they work efficiently and cost very little.

Now you know what options are available, discovering Sydney shouldn’t be a problem. Do your research before you arrive into ticket prices, peak times and availability. This will again, help you make the most of every moment you have here and avoid disappointment.


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