Book: Going to Extremes

Book: Going to Extremes

12/05/2014 0 By Gayle Dickson

Going to Extremes
by Derek Grzelewski

Comprising some of Derek Grzelewski’s best published work to date, these stories explore and reveal the meaning of the extreme. They transport you to extraordinary, unexpected and inaccessible places, and into encounters with exponents of the extreme, some elite, others seemingly ordinary.

The extreme is not just at the edge in outdoor exploits like hunting for gold, climbing mountains and scuba diving in caves, or in maritime and avalanche rescues. It can also be found in saving endangered species, in rebuilding a life after an accident, in the desire to discover the unknown, the quest for freedom. As Grzelewski discovers, some of the most extreme adventures and heroic deeds happen in our daily lives and often pass unnoticed. If you doubt that, he says, visit a spinal recovery unit. Or join the fire-fighters’ training programme. It will redefine your idea of the extreme as it redefined his.

Available: 11 July 2014
RRP: $39.99


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