Camping checklist

Camping checklist

12/05/2014 0 By Gayle Dickson

Camping is fun. But a camping trip can become a hassle if you don’t prepare well. That is why you should make a camping checklist and use it each time you prepare to camp. You can even make a camping box with items pre-packed for quick escapes.

1. Lodging —You may need a sleeping bag, a tent and sleeping mat can do the trick.

2. Prepare for rain— plastic bags, a good rain coat and Tarps will help you when it raining at some point.

3. Rope — Handy in all sorts of situations – you will use it many times when camping.

4. Hammer, spade and an axe – for putting out campfires or chopping wood.  A multi-function tool (something like Leatherman) is great.

5. Rest room paper — In case of any emergency bring some with you.

6. Utensils — some second-hand plates and a small camping stove, good dish tub, utensils and pots and cutlery.

7. Light — Keep an assortment of lanterns and large and small flashlights on hand – and batteries, if they need them!

8. Water and food — While you’re likely to pack food, do remember to take some water in case the campground does not have water.

9. Emergency kit — Prepare a small first aid kit with antiseptic cream, bandages, aspirin or gauze pads and Tylenol.

10. The fire —Make sure you have a fire each morning during trips – keep matches, kindling etc in a waterproof container.

These top 10 basics can help your camping trips run more smoothly and be the holiday you wanted it to be instead of some frustrating headache. The more often you camp, the more you’ll be able to tailor your own camping checklist – including those items you’d wished you’d had, the personal luxuries you just cant do without! Bicycles, sports equipment or camping chairs make good additions to your lists, depending on space. Also, make sure to add those things you consider requisite to the camping experience, like hot dogs and a tablecloth or skewers for marshmallows for the picnic table.

The key to a great camping experience is an essential camping checklist. Preparation will ensure you enjoy the camping and the road trips.

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