Caravanning Is Cool Again!

Caravanning Is Cool Again!

28/07/2017 Off By Gayle Dickson

A Home From Home: Caravanning Is Cool Again!

It has to be said that caravanning fell out of fashion for a while. Once a popular family favourite, it became seen as something more for the older generation. However caravanning is a fantastic choice, and thankfully is now becoming more and more popular with people enjoying trips and full holidays at caravan campsites. Here are a few of the reasons why caravanning is cool again, and why you should give it a try!

It’s Inexpensive

If you are looking to buy your own caravan, you will of course need to factor in the price- as well as any caravan repairs over the years. However, once you’ve made that investment it’s yours to keep and, for a small fee, you can take it to any caravan campsite of your choice. Even if you don’t own a caravan and are looking to hire for a week or two, it’s still far cheaper than staying in a hotel. It’s more homely than staying in a tent but won’t cost you much. Whether you plan on taking regular trips or even one annual family holiday, caravanning will cost a fraction of most other trips.

It’s Convenient

There’s nothing more exciting than boarding a plane and jetting off to sunnier climes for fun in the sun. But sitting around at airports, cramped plane seats, lost luggage and transfers to hotels can all be an unpleasant and time-consuming process. Since there are campsites dotted around everywhere, getting to one is usually just a short drive.

It’s a Different Experience

Caravaning gives you the chance to enjoy a different kind of holiday. It might not be high-end shopping and fine dining, but instead, you get a more raw and rustic experience. You could go fishing, hiking, biking. There will also be all kinds of activities for kids and families to do that might be a bit different to what you’d get elsewhere. If you want your family to experience all kinds of holidays, mixing up high end and budget is a good way to go.

Caravanning Is Cool AgainYou Can Take Your Dogs

One of the biggest issues for most families when they go away is what to do with their dogs, after all, they are part of the family too. People can feel bad putting them in kennels, and not everyone has the luxury of having a friend or family member who they know will care for them. When you go on a caravan holiday, you have the option of bringing your dog along with you. Get a travel crate or a doggy seatbelt to secure them in the car with you when you drive up, and then once you’re there they can join in the fun! Since a lot of your caravan holiday will be outdoors it’s easy to pop your dog on their lead and bring them along, most campsites allow well-behaved dogs.

Are you a fan of caravanning holidays, or is this something you hope to explore in the future?


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