Let's Travel


Let’s Travel is a coffee table style bi-monthly publication. The format is clean and stylish.

Advertising is kept to a strict maximum of 35%.
For our readers, this means an uncluttered read.
For our loyal advertisers, this format allows your marketing message to stand out.

Our content revolves in the main around travel throughout New Zealand, Australia and the neighbouring South Pacific Islands.

Far-flung adventures and long-haul travel are also covered in lesser quantities, with travel tips, celebrity travel profiles, and much more.

Our team are avid travellers with a healthy lust for seeking new adventures … and revisiting some older ones with a fresh eye.

Our contributing team are a hand-selected bunch, mostly award-winners, who are recognised as being at the top of their game, both editorially and in relation to high quality imagery.

Let’s Travel’s content and layout are designed to draw the reader to within the very bounds of the story … capturing their imagination so rapturously that they can almost smell and taste the coffee; hear the buzz of that little beachside cafe; feel the rush of wind as they soar high above mountain peaks; experience the chill factor and adrenalin buzz of a jet boat ride.

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