Durnstein Castle & Richard the Lionheart’s Imprisionment

07/06/2023 0 By Gayle Dickson

On another very hot day our group of 14 from the Avalon Waterway’s cruise ship chose the early morning guided hike to Durnstein Castle to learn about a certain king’s ransom and the history of the castle ruins. It was a steep and strenuous climb with spectacular views across the Danube and Wachau Valley below and made all the more enjoyable on learning this was where King Richard the Lionheart had been imprisoned on his return from the Crusades in 1193. A ransom of 150,000 silver marks was demanded to get his release. In 1193/94 a ransom of 100,000 silver marks was paid and he was then released. To put it into context a good horse in those days could be bought for three silver marks.

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