What to expect on a trip to Italy

What to expect on a trip to Italy

19/12/2014 0 By Gayle Dickson

If you’ve never been to Italy before, you might be wondering what to expect. This post will fill you in on the wonders of Italy, but first let me tell you not to be apprehensive! It can be hard if you’ve never been somewhere before, but Italy is a magical place. See for yourself:

Historic Towns

Many of the towns in Italy look historic. They have cobbled streets, and many of the buildings are years old. That doesn’t make them a poor quality though! You’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back in time when visiting many places and will love the interesting backdrop for your pictures. Some of the cities and towns are more modern, but most aren’t fancy at all (in a good way!). They’re quiet and tranquil; the perfect place to relax and explore!

Interesting Houses

You’ll notice that the houses in Italy are very different to the houses in Western culture. Many of them are built on hills and are different shapes, sizes, and colours. Some don’t even have roofs! If you get invited into one, you’ll more than likely notice a marble floor with minimal decor. Italians like to keep it simple and cool due to the hot weather. It’s the same for the hotels too; like these Venere.com hotels.

Stony Beaches

Of course you could find a sandy beach if you looked hard enough, but many of the beaches in Italy are stony. This doesn’t make them any less perfect for sunbathing; just make sure you take a towel and some flip flops. The sea is always lovely, so you may even want a lilo from one of the little shops in the towns. There are usually beach cafes lined up at every beach you go to, so you could even rent a sunbed for the day from them.

Friendly People

Italian people are generally very friendly, and will welcome visitors with open arms. However, like anywhere else you go, this does depend on the part you’re visiting. Some may be a little more quiet and reserved. I recommend learning a few simple phrases in Italian so you can say things like ‘hello’, ‘thank you’, and ‘please’. They’ll appreciate you learning a little of their language!

Delicious Ice Cream

You must have a ‘gelato’ in Italy. It’s made differently to western countries, and they have some unique flavours!

Pizza and Pasta

Pizza and pasta are two foods that Italy is most associated with. I’m sure Italians hate it, as they actually serve other foods too, believe it or not. However, although it might sound like a cliche, make sure you try some pizza and pasta while you’re over there. Real Italian pizza is always flat, fresh, and huge. You probably won’t be able to eat a whole one to yourself, but there’s no harm in trying!

Bargain Markets

There are regular shops too, but bargain markets are everywhere in Italy. You’ll be able to find some cool souvenirs, delicious meats and cheeses and so much more.
Are you looking forward to your trip yet?


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