Fiji: Spa Treatments with Local Flair

Fiji: Spa Treatments with Local Flair

26/09/2016 Off By Gayle Dickson

When it comes to most luxury spas, the standard Swedish massage and deep cleansing facial have been done many times before. In Fiji, Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is embracing a truly localized approach, by sourcing local Fijian ingredients such as cold pressed coconut oil, masi, raw local cacao and honey, and wild mint. Additionally, local villages and plantations benefit economically from the purchase of these ingredients.

From scrubs with local nuts and seeds to rainforest flowers with medicinal properties and an intoxicating scent, the treatments, which include an array of facials, massages, body wraps, and body scrubs, are enjoyed in beachside bures on the sand just steps from the crystal clear water, allowing guests to appreciate Fijian-style relaxation with unparalleled views of the tranquil sea and rolling hills.

Here are a few examples of Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort’s local spa treatments:

Koko Rapture wrap treatment 

Unique ingredients: cacao (fermented, sun-dried, and ground), banana leaves

Health Benefits: Anti-aging and anti-oxidant.

Energizes the body with an organic cacao wrap that has been fermented, sun-dried and ground to a fine paste. While being wrapped in banana leaves, guests enjoy a reflexology massage for the hands and feet. To conclude the ritual, a rhythmic massage is performed using gentle, repetitive strokes to improve the lymphatic circulation and enhance healing. 90-minutes, $275FJD.

Fufunu body scrub

Unique Ingredients: Local nuts and seeds, Totodro leaves, virgin coconut oil

Health Benefits: Anti-stress and anti-aging, rejuvenates the skin

This scrub is a ritual that Fijian village chiefs practiced with local nuts and seeds, Totodro leaves, and virgin coconut oil. The ritual was also used to prepare brides for marriage. The natural nut oils buff and moisturize the skin using traditional massage techniques of flowing strokes that evoke a blissful stage. 120-minutes, $320FJD, Double, $585.


Unique Ingredients: The Mokosoi Flower, raw sugar and sandalwood, coconut milk

Health Benefits: Reduces blood pressure, relieves muscular and mental tension

This gentle treatment uses the Mokosoi flower, found in the Fijian rainforests and widely known for its wonderful scent and medicinal properties. The Mokosoi mixture is painted on the body with traditional massage techniques to leave guests in complete relaxation. 60-minutes, $180FJD. 


**Jean Michel Cousteau Resort’s new spa will open on September 1, along with the property, which was closed in 2016 due to Tropical Storm Winston.


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