Hawke’s Bay Lamb

Hawke’s Bay Lamb

28/02/2013 0 By Chris Parnell


Beginning his career as a kitchen hand in New Zealand, Landseer “Lance” Tripp worked his way from the ground up. Moving to Sydney, Australia he became an apprentice and went on to work in Ireland at the Cashel Palace Hotel. In 2004 he returned to New Zealand after spending three years in Ireland. Now with over 10 years experience, yet still only 30 years old, Lance is leading the team at Mollies, providing a unique and abundant dining experience for the guests. He has a knack of producing new and inspiring dishes, sourcing local produce that is always of a premium quality. He describes his cuisine as modern European with a seasonal, Kiwi influence.

Try Lance’s recipe for yourself if you’re in the mood for surprising and delighting your friends or a special loved one; or simply book in for a meal at Mollies and indulge in some of Auckland’s finest wining and dining in subliminal surroundings.

Mollies is a small luxury hotel in Auckland City and is one of only a handful of 5-star properties to have been awarded the famed “Best New Small Hotel in the World” by Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report Hotel Awards. Whether it’s formal or relaxed dining, the in-house bar and The Dining Room cater to every need. While guests may opt to be served in their suite, the conservatory or the dining salon, the public are now able to enjoy romantic dinners or host their private parties in the luxury and seclusion that Mollies offers. In both cuisine and concept, Mollies brings drama and harmony to the same stage. Live opera and other classical music performances add recital to the restaurant, creating the unique Mollies atmosphere. Resident guests and canny locals can be confident that their memory of dinner at Mollies will be the “best night out” – and the same flair and passion for flavours peppers their lunch and breakfast menus. You won’t be disappointed!

Ed: Mollies is sadly no longer around, so enjoy the recipe!

Serves 4

2pc medium carrots
2pc medium parsnips
1pc large brown onion
500ml vegetable stock
50g manuka honey
200g shiitake mushrooms
200g swiss brown mushrooms
200g oyster mushrooms
200g field mushrooms
50g porcini powder
20g ground cumin
2pc garlic cloves
40g Italian parsley, fresh
30g thyme, fresh
500g spinach
2pc medium potatoes
100g polenta
4pc Hawke’s Bay racks of lamb
150g toasted walnuts
8pc baby carrots

Carrot puree:

Peel carrots and onion. Dice. Sweat carrots with half the diced onions and ground cumin. Gently cook out on low heat adding 250ml vegetable stock. Simmer until soft. Puree and pass.

Parsnip puree:

Peel and dice parsnips. Roast on a baking tray with Manuka honey. Transfer into a pot adding the left over vegetable stock. Continue method as with the carrot puree.

Exotic mushrooms:

Slice all mushrooms. Dice garlic. Sweat the remaining half of the diced onion with the garlic, porcini powder and mushrooms. Season and add chopped Italian parsley and thyme.

Polenta crumbed potatoes:

Peel and cube potatoes. Par boil in water. Refresh and pat dry. Pane the potato cubes and coat with polenta.


Blanch spinach leaves and refresh. Create rolled parcels with the leaves, filling them with the exotic mushroom mix. Panfry the polenta crumbed potatoes. Season the lamb. Sear off the lamb racks and oven bake until cooked as desired. Heat the purees individually and steam the spinach parcels prior to plating up. To garnish the plate, use blanched baby carrots, toasted walnuts and micro greens.

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