Longest Road Trips in the World

Longest Road Trips in the World

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Road trips are a great way of experiencing the real and the raw. The uncut version of a destination (warts and all), and a chance to view life as a local would. This is the kind of immersive travel experience that isn’t on offer within the confines or a luxury resort or onboard a tour bus. So if you’re going to plan a road trip, make it a good one. Here are the longest road trips in the world to inspire you.

Longest Road Trips in the WorldIceland: Route 1

Iceland’s Route 1 has been named “The Magic Circle” and the awe inspiring landscapes that you’ll come across really is nothing short of magical. This road trip paves the way to some of Iceland’s hidden (and unvisited) gems. Including the Westfjords, Hornstrandir nature reserve and Thorsmork glaciers.


Longest Road Trips in the World


Ireland: The Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland is the longest coastal routes in the world. You journey will offer some of the most beautiful oceanic vistas, dramatic cliff drops and glorious sunsets. The long stretch of western coastline makes it ideal for sundown photography. For the best views, don’t miss Mizen Head, the Aran Islands and Cliffs of Moher.


Longest Road Trips in the WorldCape Town to London

From Cape Town to London is a 7-8 day drive. Or longer if you have multiple stops in mind (and there’s plenty here you’ll want to experience properly). The route takes you across central Namibia, the Angola coast, through Nigeria and Algeria before boarding the ferry from Morocco to Spain. Spend a few days exploring the glorious Spanish coast before travelling through the Central and Loire Valley regions of France.


Longest Road Trips in the WorldAustralia: Highway One

The longest road outside of Europe and the only way to see the best parts of Australia in one go. Taking you across pretty much all of the country’s stunning coastline. Plan at least 7 days for driving but for the ultimate Oz experience, give yourself at least 2 weeks.


Longest Road Trips in the WorldWest to East Europe

From the sunny western coastline of Portugal with its spectacular food and wine to views of the Sea of Okhotsk from Russia. This incredible road trip is one of many contrasts, taking you from the edges of the continent. Don’t miss Montmartre in Paris, the beautiful Old Town in Warsaw, and the opera in Moscow.



Longest Road Trips in the WorldTrans-Eurasian Route of the Future

For a seriously epic journey, you’ll have to wait a few years yet. The proposed Trans-Eurasian Belt will include a highway stretching 2,978 kilometres, making it possible to drive from England to the U.S.


Longest Road Trips in the WorldAsian Highway 1

Asian Highway 1 is the longest route of the Asian Highway Network, running from Tokyo to Turkey. The countries you’ll get to tick off on the way include Korea, China, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. So prepare your palate for some of the most adventurous foods, including the most incredible noodle dishes, unique delicacies, the most complex curries, superb dim sum, tasty baklava, spicy Persian kebabs and more.


Longest Road Trips in the World

SA to Indonesia

A trip taking you through central Africa, from west to eastern Europe, before venturing south to Asia. The African safaris you’ll want to make time for include the Okavango Delta and the Serengeti where you can witness the Great Migration. Give a few days to the city of Jakarta in Indonesia and spend time relaxing and exploring Indonesia’s many islands.


(All road trip maps taken from ‘Mapped: The Longest Road Trips in the World)

Compiled by Emily Birling


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