Minimise end-of-travel blues

Minimise end-of-travel blues

06/11/2016 0 By Gayle Dickson

If you’re a natural born traveller, like us, coming home is by far the hardest part of your trip. Sure, you’ll get to sleep in your own comfortable bed soon, and you’ll get to see your friends and family. But it’s hard to accept that your travel adventure has come to an end, so you’ll probably be feeling blue as you pack up to go home. Here are some tips to help your journey home go as smoothly as possible.

Pack Your Stuff Carefully

Remember how carefully you rolled up all your clothes and put your toiletries in plastic bags on your way out? On your way home it’s tempting to just shove all your stuff into your bag and sulk your way to the airport, but it’s important to pack with almost the same level of diligence as you did the first time.

Make sure you separate your still-clean clothes (if you have any!) from your dirty ones – you don’t want to have to do even more laundry when you get home. You might think it’s okay to put your fresh shirt next to your old socks, but when you get home you’ll probably find that your standards of what is and isn’t clean have changed from when you were away, and that clothes smelling faintly of feet is no longer as acceptable.

If you don’t have much space, leave stuff behind – do you really need that half bottle of shampoo and that old hoodie? Take home souvenirs for yourself and gifts for your friends and family instead.

Minimise end - of - travel bluesGive Yourself Plenty Of Time At The Airport

So you’re a veteran traveller now and you’ve made your way around the whole of Asia/Europe/South America without any hitches. Congratulations! Still doesn’t mean you should almost miss your flight home.

Check the baggage restrictions before you set off to the airport and make sure you have everything you need in your hand luggage for a relaxing flight home.

Try to enjoy the airplane food and make sure you’ve saved a couple of easy-reading novels on your Kindle for your journey home so you can get lost in Game Of Thrones or Harry Potter instead of trying to focus on an in-flight movie.

Treat Yourself When You Get Home

You might not want to fall into the arms of a family member at the airport – if you’re feeling sad at getting home, tired, or less than fragrant after hours and hours in airports, you might want to go home, sleep and shower before being sociable.

Treat yourself and take an cab home – check online for an Uber promo code to save a little money – so you don’t have to battle with public transport.

Minimise end - of - travel bluesIf you can face it, throw your dirty laundry into your hamper before you go to bed, and order your favourite takeout to eat on your comfortable couch.

Remind yourself about the good parts of being home so you don’t feel too blue about your return, and take comfort in the fact that not much will have changed while you were away.

Start Planning Your Next Trip

Enough said. If you have wanderlust in your heart, this is the only way you’ll really get over coming home. Bon voyage!


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