Why Not Perth, Australia?

Why Not Perth, Australia?

08/12/2017 Off By Gayle Dickson

Have you ever considered going to Australia for your holiday?

Chances are the first city that came to mind as your holiday destination was Sydney or Brisbane, and while they are also great places to visit, they are slightly overdone at this point. Why not try being a bit more original and go to another big city with just as much to do, but just a bit fewer tourists walking around with cameras getting in the way of you walking around with a camera? That’s the way it works in touristic holiday destinations after all. If you have not thought about it before, you should now, because Perth is a wonderful place with lots to do, and weather as good as the other major cities in Australia. If you feel like you would be missing out on the sun-drenched beaches of Sydney, you’d be wrong since you’ll have the same thing, just less crowded. It seems like a win-win scenario does it not? Let’s look at a few things which you could do on holiday in Perth.

Hit the beach!

Perth boasts a grand total of 19 white sandy beaches, all within easy reach of the city centre. People often head on over to Cottesloe beach to get involved in snorkeling or surfing, and to experience the breathtaking sunsets in the evening. Absolutely riddled with comfy little cafes and bars along the shore, it is a place where the day is as interesting as the night time. Definitely, worth paying a visit at least once, it is one of the more popular beaches for a reason.

Why Not Perth, Australia?

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Visit the local markets!

Looking for some unique wares or fresh produce straight from farmers? If so, you’re in luck. Perth has a plethora of markets to choose from if you wish to go to any. From beach markets, to Fremantle markets, Swan Valley markets, city markets and even more, there are enough to shake a stick at. You will definitely not run out of eye-catching things lying about which will make you reach for your wallet. Despite the free travel, carrying around all the things you might have purchased on the bus is not the most comfortable. Best thing to do is to make use of a service such as Burswood Car Rentals in Perth, or maybe even just call for a taxi. If you are planning on some notable shopping, then organising some transport is highly recommended.

Explore the city!

Being one of the few cities in the world with some absolutely free public transport to get around the city, Perth is the place to be for the average tourist. You can pick any of 3 CAT (Central Area Transit) bus lines to get around Perth’s most popular attractions anytime, making exploring the city a breeze. With free transport and nothing stopping you from straying off the beaten touristic path, even a simple day of wandering around the city can prove to be one of the most pleasant and fascinating experiences during your stay.


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