Palm Springs – Golf & Business

Palm Springs – Golf & Business

21/07/2017 Off By Gayle Dickson

From Back Nines To Business: Planning A Corporate Golfing Trip To Palm Springs

In the competitive world of modern business, corporate trips have a crucial role to play in your bid to win over VIP clients. Golf outings have been a popular solution for many years, and Palm Springs is easily one of the greatest locations for hosting the event.

The southern Californian destination is often praised for its array of luxury golf courses. However, a hole in one on the course pales in comparison to securing one with those important clients. Here’s how to drive your way towards the desired outcome.

#1. Research Your Clients 

When organising a business trip, you aren’t dealing with generic customers. You are dealing with the most important clients, which is why you need to tailor your activities accordingly. Avoiding corporate trip faux pas should be top of the agenda. However, it’s equally important that you think about the individuals too.

Those clients will research you and the business using online resources. Frankly, it’s imperative that you do the same. Try to find out about their requirements so that you can promote your products in the most efficient manner. Couple this with a little research into potential talking points, and you should be just fine.

Palm Springs - Golf & Business#2. Focus On Comfort

Your guests are going to be away from the comfort of home. Therefore, it’s imperative that you reduce the strain that this can cause. The best way to achieve this is to ensure that the fundamental features make them feel welcome and appreciated.

Accommodation at the Quality Inn Resort Palm Springs will provide that immense luxury during their stay. Moreover, hosting them in a venue that accommodates business talk will serve you well. Be sure to couple this with airport transports. Not only will it add a sense of comfort. It’ll also show that you pay attention to detail, which can encourage them to place trust in your business.

Palm Springs - Golf & Business#3. Do More Than Play Golf

Time on the golf course is a great starting point. In addition to the recreational aspects, it gives you a great chance to discuss business. However, one of your main goals is to encourage a mental link between your business and positive thoughts. Palm Springs boasts many activities that will create magical memories. Ignoring them would be a huge error.

Whether it’s seeing San Jacinto mountain or the air museum doesn’t matter. Enjoy those unique attractions to take the client’s enjoyment to a new high. It’ll put you in a stronger position when trying to convert sales down the line.

#4. Dress to Impress 

The VIP clients won’t only judge you for the quality of your work. They’ll form opinions, even if it’s only subconsciously, based on your appearance. Looking good on the golf course is easy with help from Golf Digest. However, you must also look equally stylish in other situations. 

Packing the necessary grooming materials, along with suitable attire will make you more confident. Just make sure that you’re well organized with business cards and similar items too. Set a winning impression with your appearance, and those hopes of success will reach full swing.


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