Travelling Light : Packing Hacks

Travelling Light : Packing Hacks

23/09/2016 Off By Gayle Dickson

Travelling Light: A Look at the Best Travel Packing Hack

If there is one thing that often perturbs travellers, it is the interminable waiting periods before and after each flight. Not only must you pass through customs at both ends of the journey, for example, but those who travel with standard luggage must also wait for their bags to be dispatched from the plane’s cargo compartment.

To offset these irritations, many holidaymakers are now looking to travel light despite flying long-haul. This has become increasingly possible over time, with airliners their guidelines and increasing the size of cabin luggage that is now permitted on-board. have put together the top five genius packing hacks that will enable you to travel light wherever you go in the world!

Travelling Light : Packing HacksThe Top Packing Hacks for Light Travel

1. Use Dry-cleaning bags to prevent clothes from Creasing

Depending on where you are travelling in the world (and the nature of your trip), you may not always have access to an iron. This is where dry-cleaning bags can come in handy, however, as they can prevent garments from creasing once they have been packed away. Simply lay your clothes inside the bags and then fold as normal, before allowing the plastic to prevent creases from taking hold over time!

2. Roll your Clothes instead of Folding them!

If you are anything like me, you have probably grown up folding your clothes before packing them into suitcase. While this is an entirely natural practice, however, it does not allow you to maximise the available space in your luggage and may even force you to leave some items at home. By rolling your garments instead of folding them, however, you can make far more of the space at your disposal and ensure that you pack everything you need.

3. Protect your Precious Jewellery with Plastic Wrap

At this stage, you can probably tell that plastic is an extremely useful material to have around when packing your suitcase. It can help to prevent your precious items of jewellery from moving around inside your case, for example, minimising the risk of it becoming tangled or damaged while in transit. Simply set your bracelets and pendants between two sheets of plastic wrap, before packing neatly into your case and heading off.

4. Make sure that Larger Cases Are Packed to be Bottom-heavy

No matter how hard you try, the length of your trip and the number of destinations that you intend to visit may force you to take a larger suitcase. While this is far from ideal, you can make the chore of transporting your luggage far easier by packing the heaviest items at the base of the suitcase. This ensures that the weight is distributed to the bottom of the case, making it easier to roll as you travel to and from your destination.

5. Do Not Be Afraid to Air Your Dirty Laundry

While you are probably familiar with laundry bags, did you know that they are also an indispensable travel aid? Laying a flat, collapsible laundry bag over your clothes helps to keep them in place while you are travelling, for example, while it also helps to separate clean from dirty garments during your trip. This can be a Godsend, especially when you intend to travel for a long period of time or visit numerous destinations!


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