8 Things to do in Germany

8 Things to do in Germany

04/07/2016 Off By Gayle Dickson

Germany is an exciting and vibrant country to visit at any time of the year. With a heady mix of culture, entertainment, fantastic food and even better beer, it is perfect for a weekend break or a longer family vacation. Read our guide below to help you decide what to do next time your visit Deutschland.


First of all, Germany is a varied and beautiful country. From the vibrant cities of Berlin Hamburg and Munich to the fairytale countryside of The Black Forest, there will be a place in Germany that sings to your heart.

If nature is your thing, why not visit the Rügen Cliffs?  They edge the Baltic Sea, and close to the beautiful dense forest of the Jasmund National Park. Or why not take a hike up the beautiful Harz Mountains? They are steeped in mythology and folklore, and you might just spy a witch along the trail? Or you could take leisurely boat ride trip down the Rhine? See the changing landscapes of cities and German countryside as you take a leisurely cruise down one of Europe’s most famous rivers. Or if you are feeling more of a Jurassic Park vibe, why not take an organized tour to the Messel Pit Fossil Site? Maybe you’ll find some dinosaur skeletons?


Of course, Germany is also known for its fabulous cities and even better hospitality. Try a beer hall, complete with Oompah band, steins and schnitzel in the city of Hamburg.  Or do a bit of sunbathing around the shipping container, converted into a public swimming pool in Berlin. How about Visiting the beautiful cathedral in Coln or the Olympic Stadium in Munich?


Of course, no trip to Germany would be complete without a visit one of the things it is most famous for. It’s beautiful fairytale castles. Nowhere on Earth has such remarkable castles as Deutschland. The top three castles to visit are Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee.

Neuschwanstein is the jewel in the crown. Despite being built in the 19th century, it has a glorious medieval style interior. It is a place built on legend and used by Ludwig to get away from the pressures of his sometimes troubled life. It is indeed glorious and well worth a visit.

Unesco History

On your adventure to discover Germany, you will also find lots of other world historical sites. Many are which are  UNESCO protected, which mean that they are deemed to be of significant importance. Why not visit the spectacular architecture of Aachen Cathedral, in western Germany? Or Monastic Island of Reichenau on Lake Constance to see how the monks once lived? Or how about checking out the borders of the old Roman occupation? Check out the Unesco site here for more information.

GermanyWW2 History

As you would expect there are lots of historical sites that make you pause for reflection on the events of WW2 in Germany.

Many of them are centered in the cities. In Berlin, you have The Brandenburg Gate, The Jewish Monument and Checkpoint Charlie. Checkpoint Charlie is definitely worth a visit. It was the border control post that used to sit between East and West Germany when the country was divided, after world war two. The Jewish Monument is also a must see. It is a moving and poignant tribute the isolation and persecution of the Jewish people during this time.

There are also the concentration camps where people deemed by Hitler to be dangerous were placed. It is now possible to tour theses sites, as they stand as memorials to the Holocaust. Consider Dachau near Munich. Or Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial near Hamburg. Or the infamous Bergen-Belsen where Anne Frank sadly died just before the liberation. All these camps are difficult to visit emotionally but are a worthwhile educational experience.

Please be aware that visiting these sites is very moving, but they are an important part of Germany’s, Europe’s and the world’s heritage.


There are plenty of festivals throughout Germany, so maybe you could time your trip to attend one of them? Lollapalooza in Berlin is probably the biggest and attracts the biggest music legends like Radiohead and New Order. If you’re more into metal bands why not try Summer Breeze, located in Dinkelsbuhl? Of course not to be missed is Oktoberfest in Munich! Beer pretzels and oompah bands all over the place!

Don’t forget, if you getting down and dirty with the hardcore campers is putting you off. You can just get a day ticket and head back to your hotel in the evening for a nice bath and a cup of tea!

GermanyFun Family Time

If you are travelling to Germany with a young family, don’t forget that there are lots of family friendly activities. Why not start them off early by taking them on a skiing or snowboarding break in the Alps? Or a city break to Berlin? Where they can visit the Legoland Discovery Center, the Sealife Centre or take them to see the Egypt exhibit at the Neues Museum.  Or how about a day trip to Europa Park, the second most popular theme park in the whole of Europe, after Eurodisney?


If the thought of zooming round lots of cities and historic sites makes you tired? Why not go for a for a more relaxing trip? Luckily Germany is famous for its wellness spas and retreats. They are located all across Germany and make use of the natural mineral muds and thermal springs to promote circulation and well-being. Visit for a day or take a longer break and let yourself unwind. Try the amazing pool at Bad Füssing in Bavaria, or the Bad Reichenhall ‘the Pearl of the Alps’. The Germans take their spa culture seriously and recommend it for people with muscle, bone, skin and breathing issues. Although it should never replace a doctor’s care.

If you do head into the Alps for some rest and relaxation, you may find yourself becoming a bit bored. Combat this by combining your spa holiday with some mountain walking and even a spot of paragliding too.


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