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When none of us could find a travel publication that was down to earth, compehensive, exciting, well laid out, visually appealing and with enough inspiration to tempt us to try new destinations and to revisit old stomping grounds with fresh eyes, we opted to put our money where our mouths are … and Let’s Travel was born!

The Let’s Travel team of stakeholders, together with a hand-picked selection of regular contributors, have travelled the world extensively. We have some incredible tales to tell, but we’ll keep clocking up the miles and do the hard work for you.

We truly hope our stories will inspire you to discover, or perhaps re-discover, our very unique part of the world here in New Zealand where we’re based, as well as destinations further afield.

Our editorials focus largely on New Zealand, Australia and our neighbouring South Pacific Islands, with regular helpings of far-flung adventures to whet your long-haul appetite. Our content is an ever-changing landscape as we stay closely turned to our readers’ needs and desires.

In an environment of economic uncertainty, we’re blatantly aim Let’s Travel squarely at those who CAN and DO travel right NOW. For this reason, you won’t find us on the usual retail shelves gathering dust. Our readers are like a fine red wine … carefully selected and blended to ensure our advertisers get “bang for their buck”. Our controlled distribution sees copies of Let’s Travel in the hands of some of New Zealand’s wealthiest, affluent and influential.

Working with our partners (among them high ranking banks and major financial institutions, airlines, executive limousine companies, travel companies, etc) we know who is reading each and every copy.

Let’s Travel dishes up copious quantities of travel, adventure and pure hedonism as we traverse New Zealand, Australia, the South Pacific and much further afield in search of new and exciting journeys for you to undertake the next time you’re planning a get-away.

Appetisers are provided by way of festivals, carnivals, and other events that will become must-do’s on your calendar. Our deliciously tasty desserts encompass long haul ventures to the likes of the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Subcontinent.

We’ll take you along on our magical ride as we travel by:

Land – riding the rails, pitching a tent, taking the caravan or RV off the beaten track, and perhaps even hitching a ride on a camel;

Sea – cruising on the world’s largest liners, chartering luxury private vessels, finding that perfect catch of the day, or seeking speedy thrills;

Air – from airline reviews to hot air balloons, if it’s aloft, we’ll try it!

Luxury, family, adventure, adrenalin … there’s something for every taste and budget in the pages of Let’s Travel. Come along for the ride … we know you’ll have the time of your lif

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