Australia – What to see

Australia – What to see

17/07/2018 Off By Gayle Dickson

When you’re traveling Australia you’ll want to see the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the Great Barrier Reef but there’s so much more to see than that. On a second visit, you should get off the beaten track and see the parts of Australia that aren’t so well traveled. It’s a much better experience that gives you a more real sense of the country and the people that live there. If you’re looking for a more authentic Australian experience, here’s how to get it.

Go Offroad
When you’re trying to visit the far corners of Australia, you’re going to cross some pretty rough terrain. The best places are right out of the way and you won’t find any roads that go there. Sites like can hire you out a four-wheel drive that is tough enough to handle even the most difficult terrain in the outback. If you head out in a normal car or a campervan, you’ll be limiting yourself because there will be so many great places that you simply can’t reach.

Stop Along The Way
The biggest mistake that people make is that they draw up a route of all of the big stops that they want to make and stick to it religiously. The problem is, you’re probably driving straight past loads of great places you could visit. When you’re planning a route you should factor in a few extra days, that way, you can stop off for a night at any of the amazing places that you might discover along the way.

Mainland Australia is a huge place and you could visit ten times and still find new places to visit, but it doesn’t stop there. Not many people realize that there are a huge amount of islands around Australia that you should consider visiting. The islands are a brilliant place to get away from the crowds and have a more peaceful holiday experience. Magnetic Island is one of the most popular islands around the country for its hidden beaches and amazing nature reserves. Find out more at  The Northern Territory
Aside from the tourist hotspot of Uluru, the majority of the Northern Territory is pretty much uninhabited. The whole area is vast landscape populated with all sorts of exotic wildlife. Getting in your truck and driving out into the open is a liberating and exciting way to experience a side of Australia that you normally wouldn’t get to see.

Driving around in the middle of nowhere can be daunting for some travelers so having a base to work from is a good idea. There are plenty of huge farms out there, some of them as big as a small country. They’ll let you stay with them which gives you the opportunity to see how real Australians live and work, and it gives you a place to stay right in the middle of the open landscape. There is plenty for you to explore so you could spend the whole time there if it suits you.

The well-trodden tourist areas of Australia are great but if you want a truly authentic experience, you’ve got to get off the beaten track.


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