Best Places to Visit – Western Australia

Best Places to Visit – Western Australia

23/05/2018 Off By Gayle Dickson

An entire third of of Australia is made up by the state of Western Australia. It’s famous for not having a very big population and having a lot of land that’s not inhabited or built on. In a way, this is what makes the region such a tantalising prospect to visit. It allows you to get back to nature and see what the natural landscape of the country has to offer you. It could be just what you need, so read on to learn about the best places to visit in WA


The best place to start if you’re not sure where to head in Western Australia is Perth. It’s the capital of the state, and it’s where you’ll find most of the population. It’s a relatively big city with plenty in terms of culture and entertainment, and this is where the transport links are best. So if you’re flying in from elsewhere, this is the most obvious and sensible place to begin your exploration.

The Margaret River Wine Region

The wine region of Margaret River is definitely worth a visit if you enjoy tranquil surroundings and some of the very best wine you’ll find anywhere in this part of the world. There are over 200 grape growers and wineries in this small region of Western Australia, so it’s definitely a hub of activity. The surroundings are simply stunning too, so it’s worth a visit even if you’re not a big wine drinker.

The Kimberley

There are so many things to consider when planning your Kimberley holiday, but you certainly won’t be disappointed by what you find there. It’s a huge region with a very small and sparse population, but the natural landscape is incredible to behold. You can enjoy aboriginal experiences, visit Purnululu National Park and even cruise around the region by boat if you want to. There is so much to do and see in The Kimberley.

Batavia Coast

The Batavia Coastline is one of the most important spots to the entire history of Australia. It’s where so many historic events have taken place, going back to the very beginnings of Australia as a nation state. These days, the Dongara-Port Denison and the Zuytdorp Cliffs are some of the most beautiful points on any coastline in Australia.

Dampier Peninsula

If you want to relax on a secluded bay, you need to head for the Dampier Peninsula. It’s one of the most relaxing and beautiful places in WA, and it’s more than deserving of your time and attention. Don’t miss it. The indigenous settlements you’ll find here offer the only signs of human life, so make the most of it.

Western Australia is so much more than a barren expense where not many people live. You should try to forget what so many people have told you about this huge part of the country because you’ll be pretty surprised and most likely blown away by what you discover there if you go into it with an open mind

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