A Guide to Chasing the Solar Eclipse in 2019

A Guide to Chasing the Solar Eclipse in 2019

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A Guide to Chasing the Solar Eclipse in 2019  

There’s something incredibly special about solar eclipse holidays. For those who have witnessed the wonderful phenomenon of the Northern Lights, seeing the solar eclipse is the next big thing. For astronomy fans or spiritualists, this rare and beautiful meeting of the sun, moon and earth is simply not to be missed. If you are planning on chasing the eclipse in 2019/ 2020 or later, here is a guide to help you plan your trip.

Types of Solar Eclipse

There are three types of solar eclipse; these are total eclipse, partial eclipse, and annular eclipse. The first is only visible from a small area on earth when it happens, so you will need to be in the centre of the moon’s shadow when the eclipse takes place. This is when you will experience total darkness.

A partial eclipse is when the sun, moon and earth are not perfectly aligned, so the sun will appear to have a small dark shadow on its surface. And the third type, the annular eclipse, is when the moon is the furthest from earth so it doesn’t cover the sun entirely. Instead, it will appear as a dark disk and the sun will look as though it is a glowing ring around the moon.

A Guide to Chasing the Solar Eclipse in 2019Where Can I see the Eclipse?

A total solar eclipse can only be seen from a certain place on the planet at a certain time. And it only happens once a year (maximum) so it’s incredibly rare. This timeline below will show you the location and duration of the next 38 total solar eclipses from 2019 until 2075. Giving you plenty of time to plan your total solar eclipse trip.  

Other types of solar eclipse happen around 4 times a year (minimum) and can take place in a number of locations. But for the next total solar eclipse, the destination to aim for is northern Argentina.

Argentina Solar Holidays, 2019

In 2019, somes parts of northern Argentina and Chile will align perfectly with the sun and moon for a total solar eclipse. For anyone wishing to travel for this incredible natural event, it’s wise to get planning now.

The total eclipse is due to take place on the 2nd July at 19:24:07 for approximately 4 minutes and 30 seconds. It will visible across a good section of the country, but for the best views you should be in the area of Bellavista, a village in the west of Argentina.

This area is a great place for camping, and camping is highly recommended for solar eclipse fans as it will give you unobstructed views of the sky. But be sure to book early to get your space as many people are likely to flock to Argentina’s campsites to prepare for this rare and beautiful astronomical event.

Alternatively, you can book a ready-made solar eclipse tour, many of which will also include stops across other amazing places in South America.

A Guide to Chasing the Solar Eclipse in 2019

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